Paradise Valley Toy & Teacup Schnauzers is located in a beautiful mountain valley located in gorgeous Cache Valley in northern Utah. This toy teacup schnauzers home is on 11 acres of green rolling hills with lots of trees and a river that runs through it.

We love toy teacup schnauzers! Because of this we wanted to share this amazing breed. Anyone can have companionship and joy that only toy teacup schnauzers bring to us. Toy teacup schnauzers are great! We love miniature schnauzers!!

Paradise Valley Toy Teacup Schnauzers is committed to breeding high quality toy teacup schnauzers puppies for sale. We have all colors including Black & Silver Schnauzers, Black Miniature Schnauzers, Salt & Pepper Schnauzers and we have 'Rare Colors' including Liver Miniature Schnauzers, Liver/Tan Toy Teacup Schnauzers, Liver Parti Miniature Schnauzers, Liver Pepper Miniature Schnauzers, Black Parti Miniature Schnauzers, & White Miniature Schnauzers. Our toy teacup schnauzers puppies are well socialized, playing daily with us & our grandkids. Miniature schnauzers puppies will come pre-spoiled & ready for your family to enjoy! All of our puppies are AKC Registered. We are continuely striving for excellence in our miniature schnauzers breeding program.

My name is Karie and when I quit my government job after 20 yeares, I wanted to spend my time doing something with miniature schnauzers so hence, Paradise Valley Toy Teacup Schnauzers! Because I am home everyday, I am able to devote alot of time to my dogs and because of this, I am able to spend quality time with toy teacup schnauzers dog & puppies at our kannel. I am having a ball with all of my miniature schnauzer!! Along with my husband Mike, who is a general contractor, we enjoy life & having lots of fun in Paradise!

We strive to breed highest top quality toy teacup schnauzers puppies that you can find anywhere! Miniature toy teacup schnauzers are amazing, non-shedding and hypoallergenic! Miniature schnauzers are wonderful family pets. Toy teacup schnauzers are loyal, loving, healthy, hardy & make great watch dogs. Miniature toy teacup schnauzers love kids!  Paradise toy teacup schnauzers are very tender with kids! My little miniature schnauzers male 'Popeye' is my personal toy teacup schnauzers companion. He is a true friend and by my side at all times.

We offer an amazing 5 Year Genetic Guarantee against life threatening genetic defects on Paradise Valley toy tecup schnauzers, including liver shunts. Only a handful of toy teacup schnauzers breeders offer this long of a guarantee! This is how committed we are to raising highest quality miniature toy teacup schnauzers for Paradise Valley toy teacup schnauzers customers and building our reputation as a top notch miniature toy teacup schnauzers breeder in America! We also want you to know that if you ever need to find a home for your Paradise Valley Miniature Schnauzers Pet, we will gladly help you place it in a wonderful home....once a Paradise Valley Toy Teacup Schnauzer, always a Paradise Valley Schnauzer!

Paradise schnauzers Nursery room is structured so that miniature schnauzers moms and puppies can see us at all times & interact with us daily. Here it is clean, warm & has access to going outside at anytime for our toy or teacup miniature schnauzers moms to get some fresh, country air. Puppies are loved everyday from when pups are born. Moms get extra special treatment with lots of food  & lots of attention. We want our puppies to be well socialized. These miniature schnauzer puppies will be ready for you to enjoy & love. Potty training starts as soon as toy teacup schnauzers puppies are ready to start exploring their surroundings with puppy pads & a little later, with the use of the dog door once they have had all 4 sets of shots. All of our miniature toy teacup schnauzers dogs are dog door trained. We do not crate our dogs, they are free to go outside 24/7. We do start toy teacup schnauzers puppies however with crate training at around 7 weeks to help with their transition to their new homes.

Nutrition is very important to us and at the same time we want to make each
miniature toy teacup schnauzers puppy transition easily to their new home. Because of this, we feed our dogs  Wellness Core and Blue Buffalo Freedom dog food. After much research on the best dog foods we could find, we believe that Wellness and Blue Buffalo are 2 of the best foods available. Both of these brands of dog food are consistantly ranked in the TOP TEN BEST DOG FOODS. We have just recently switched all of our toy teacup schnauzers to Grain Free food and they are doing excellent on it! We are using Wellness Core and Blue Buffalo Freedom for our adult toy teacup schnauzers, both highly rated and grain free...we still recommend any Wellness dog food and Natural Balance along with Natures Variety for miniature schnauzers. Our miniature toy teacup schnauzers also love apples and fresh veggies for treats, along with Greenies, Bonies & Booda bones, we never feed rawhide! When you feed a top quality food, there is no need for any supplements or vitamins. All toy teacup schnauzers puppies are weaned on Blue Buffalo Freedom puppy food.

We offer FREE local delivery within 100 miles of our home and also Shipping throughout the U.S., Canada and many International locations. See our 'Buying Info' page for more details. Prices in the U.S. range from $200-$240 using United, Delta, Alaska or American airlines.


*We do not charge extra for shipping! We charge you exactly what we are charged.
*The shipping kennel your toy teacup schnauzers puppy comes with is
*The vet certificate that comes with your
toy teacup schnauzers puppy is FREE.
*The Deluxe Puppy Care Package that will be shipped to you before your toy teacup schnauzers puppy arrives is FREE.

All of these are worth over $200...we want you know that your investment in a new toy teacup schnauzers puppy is a great value here at Paradise Valley Toy Teacup Schnauzers and we want you to feel good about your new baby and get you both off to a great start

We want everyone who adopts a toy teacup schnauzers puppy from us to be totally happy with their new baby, so each miniature toy teacup schnauzers puppy will come with a 'Deluxe Puppy Starter Package' (worth over $100) with all kinds of information & everything you need to get off on the right start with your new baby. Of course we will always be available with any concerns or questions that you may have as your puppy grows and for the life of your dog.

Your new Paradise Valley Toy Teacup Schnauzers baby will come with the following:

* Updated current vaccinations & updated wormings starting at 2 weeks of age.
* Five Year Genetic Guarantee.
* AKC registration application.
* AKC starter packet.
* Health Record.

* Tails docked and dew claws removed at 3-5 days of age.
* Certified vet check the day before your puppy arrives when puppy is to be shipped.
* Wellness dog food samples and info.
* New plush Bolster bed.
* Three new First Toys.

* Two stainless steel Puppy bowls.
* Training treats.
* Soft crate bed  and blanket.
* Puppy chew.
* Puppy outfit.
* Extra puppy food.

* Matching soft harness and leash.
* Home Again Microchip all pre-paid for life, for your pet's safety.

* New tube of Nutri-Stat puppy nutrition supplement.
* All kinds of information to get you and your new toy teacup schnauzers puppy off to a great start.
* Potty Training tips. Miniature schnauzer schedules.
* Toy Teacup Miniature Schnauzers Puppy Training book.
* Brand new dog kennel.

* Your miniature schnauzer puppy will come bathed and groomed.
* Lifetime support for you & your new toy teacup schnauzers puppy.
* Each Miniature Toy Teacup Schnauzers Puppy comes pre-spoiled & ready for you to enjoy!!!
* First treatment of Revolution for heartworm, fleas, mites and ticks.
*Extensive Parasite Prevention treatment from a nationally known vet expert.

What you get in your Puppy Package and also new crate with every puppy!
This one is for a girl, some items vary.


A few pics of our dog's yard and playground! Huge and plenty of green grass and shade!

Inside our indoor kennel where our doggies sleep on toddler beds with sheets!
Nice and clean and warm, just like a big bedroom!


Because we want more people to enjoy the wonderful campanionship of miniature toy teacup schnauzers, we are keeping our prices reasonable especially with the economy the way it is, there is no need to pay outrageous prices for puppies, our puppies are among the best toy teacup schnauzers in the nation and will be priced fairly.

All our miniature schnauzer puppies are of the highest quality with some of the best bloodlines available in the country. We pride ourselves on offering our customers beautiful, conformationally correct toy teacup schnauzers puppies.
All of our puppies are AKC registered and come with our Deluxe Puppy Care Package that includes a microchip, shipping kennel, bed and vet certification FREE of charge.
Our miniature schnauzer puppies are also wormed every 2 weeks since birth, are up to date on vaccinations and come pre-spoiled and ready to be a new member of your family !

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit us !!!

Also, thanks to all of the amazing, caring miniature schnauzer breeders that have helped me build my breeding program with their top quality miniature toy teacup schnauzers and expertise



AKC inspected Nov.6, 2012


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